Landlord Tax

Are you a landlord?

Make sure you know what’s happening to tax reliefs for residential landlords, changes to the treatment of finance costs are being phased in from 2017/18 to 2020/21. During these years of change make sure you keep on top of what is needed…or better yet get an accountant to do it for you.

In April we are moving into the penultimate year of phasing in with the finance costs allowable dropping to 25%. Do you know how this will effect you? Don’t be caught out with a bigger than expected tax bill.



Tax Relief’s

Do you wear a uniform for work?

Make sure you know all the tax reliefs your are entitled to. A commonly over looked relief is the claim for uniform, work clothing and tools. If you haven’t been claiming don’t worry you can claim for the last 5years, this could results in £100s of Tax back. #paytherighttax #taxgeek#smallbusiness
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Happy Halloween

Budget Trick or Treats

Summer is officially over as autumn draws in, and it’s nearly Halloween! Happy Halloween to all! 👻 🎃This is a great read…/h…/budget-tricks-or-treats

Making Tax Digital

Digitisation is the way forward, it may not be robots 🤖 or driverless cars 🚙 but HMRC aren’t being left behind. Here comes Making Tax Digital….