About Us

cropped-cropped-img_7681.jpgJoanne Green – A little about me

Having completed my degree in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Sheffield I had a good understanding of where my strengths and interests were. I started working for a large UK financial services company where I began my Accountancy Studies and gained accounting experience. I completed my accountancy studies in  2015 and was already specialising in Tax within my work, therefore I continued with my studies becoming a Chartered Tax Advisor in 2016. Throughout my studies and work I have always been in accounting and tax focused roles allowing me to build up a variety of experience in these areas over a relatively short time.

Having completed all my studies and embedded my learning I decided to start JG Tax and Accountancy – the personable and friendly option for your tax and accounting needs.

JG Tax and Accountancy

I believe JG Tax and Accountancy offering is different to the norm as I aim to strip back the jargon and complexities of tax and accounting. I understand for many this can be a complex and uncomfortable topic and I am here to help. Offering a range of services for all; from those that want all tax matters taken care or those that just need pointing in the right direction.

Aiming to offer the right services to ensure your compliance, growth and peace of mind. As a new, small business (especially of an intangible service) my main goal is to ensure client satisfaction and build the right relationships with those that need a good local accountant.